For some time, I have wanted to start a blog to discuss all the things in geek pop culture that I find fun.  I spend a lot of time consuming, thinking about, and attempting to cajole my poor friends into talking with me about movies, television shows in this golden age of tv, and books.... Continue Reading →

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Things to look forward to in 2017

A growing list of all the things I'm excited to see this year!  It's gonna be a great year in Geek Culture... Powerless (February 2) --The pilot shown at Comic Con last year was super fun...but it's been revamped for network television, which I think was a questionable move.  But Abed is in it! Lego... Continue Reading →

So Long, and Thanks for All the Snikts…

(potential mild spoilers for Logan...but if you haven't seen it, why are you here?) The superhero genre is starting to get a little staid.  A little long in the tooth.  We've passed the exuberant youth when you forgive the mistakes (definitely do *another* Punisher movie) and embrace the ridiculousness (Ghostrider, anyone?), or give them an... Continue Reading →

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