A Reasonable Beginning…

For some time, I have wanted to start a blog to discuss all the things in geek pop culture that I find fun.  I spend a lot of time consuming, thinking about, and attempting to cajole my poor friends into talking with me about movies, television shows in this golden age of tv, and books. I love story telling and story tellers.  So I am finally going to do it, I’m going to make this thing.  It’s 2017, and dammit all if reality doesn’t seem like the absolute darkest possible timeline.  This is a chance to spend more time as far away from the real world as possible.

Things to expect:

I’m a genre girl.  And if you don’t know what that means, that’s a moniker geeks adopted somewhere along the way to describe sci-fi and fantasy.  It now tends to encompass superheroes and comics too, from the page to the screens large and small.  Most of what I am going to play with here is genre specific, everything from big tentpole-summer-superhero movies to small beloved cult shows.  But being a bit of a movie nerd, I’ll probably dive into some prestige films too when the “awards season” begins.  I only have so much time though, so I can’t watch everything…even though I tend to try.

A touch of feminism.  That’s right, Bechedel test and all.  I hope to discuss how representation is important.  I identify most with feminism, but I hope to make sure I’m talking about diversity in as many ways as possible from race to sexuality.  Being a cis white lady means I just have my perspective, but I’m always trying to listen and learn.

A little engagement.  I love talking about this stuff, but I would love to spare my friends and family my usual rants about how it’s ridiculous that we all just accepted that Tony Stark has mommy issues now in the MCU, but Batman has them in BvS and everybody is like “THAT’S RIDICULOUS!” (I’m kidding, that scene was crushing in its cringe-worthiness.  But seriously, Bats has issues.) So I hope, hope, that it’ll be fun to engage with some like-minded friends in polite conversations.  I don’t know how much control I have over this thing, but a small community should be able to police itself.  I hope.  I’m learning as I go too.  So expect some Hei Hei (that’s the chicken) moments of panicking and falling directly on my face.

Awesome news items shared from other sites!  I’m not a journalist people, though don’t tell that to the Comic-Con people when I try to get a press pass from them on the tiny blog I started, I’m just going to share news from my favorite entertainment sites and artists (if I have permissions).  I’ll do my best to make sure I attribute appropriately.  The point is that awesome things are happening!

So let’s have some fun.  I just finished watching the Netflix Series Iron Fist and I wanted to make my first official post about that…but I think I want to start off on a positive note.  Therefore, I’m going to start with something I saw this year that I really enjoyed, Logan…


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