Star Trek: Boldly go

A short recap of the premiere of Star Trek: Discovery 

I’m in after both episodes of Star Trek: Discovery. It was an excellent combination of the Next Generation in its aspirations, but the reality of the original series (both prime universe and Abramsverse) that peaceful intentions do not beget peaceful receptions. I like that the first two eps are primarily epilogue, they’ll foist us into the main plot without clunky flashbacks. 

We have a warrior Vulcan-human who rebels against all her teachings to embrace her instincts. I’m very curious as to how they’ll mesh this version of Klingons and their early tech into the mythology of Trek. I’m also surprisingly enjoying Doug Jones’ (whom I suspect is seven feet tall IRL now) character who can sense death. He will be an excellent foil for Michael’s woman-of-action mentality. 

The acting and production value are top notch, as one would expect. The dialogue is a little clunky (especially from the Klingons side, jeez guys, get it together) but that is also due to necessary exposition for a pilot. Acceptable for now. 

As to the way CBS handled the roll out of the show on app rather than on network: I think this one will bite them in the ass. Most cord cutters already pay for Hulu and Netflix, and maybe add on HBO for GoT. It’s ridiculous to assume people will pay for another streaming service just for this show. Hell, if it’s on iTunes tomorrow I’ll switch over just out of spite. I think CBS has done a terrible job rolling out this show from start to finish. If it succeeds they get a win, if it fails they can say “genre shows don’t work for our audience” even though it never touched their main platform. That’s a damn shame. I wish Netflix or Hulu had picked this up to give it the platform it deserved.

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