Holy frack, SPOILERS. A spoiler rant…

SPOILER RANT…Personally, I think some people get really fucking precious about spoilers, but I am also one of those crazy people who enjoys every trailer and every story about major films, and not everyone is like me. However, I understand that people don’t want to be exposed to every twist and turn, and that’s important, but let’s not get upset if basic plot points of a narrative are exposed. For example, mother! is an allegory, and if you go into the film expecting a traditional three-act romantic comedy or horror, you will be wildly disappointed. I think this is part of the reason mother! scored an “F” cinemascore. Cinematically speaking, it’s a great film with amazing acting (did you know Kristen Wiig and Michelle Pfeiffer were in mother!?!), and production value, and it’s fun to have a variety of potential interpretations and themes. But if you didn’t know that Jennifer Lawrence is supposed to represent [something], this movie could be very confusing and perhaps get a negative audience reaction.  You *need* the “spoiler” in this case, in my opinion (but I will not force this spoiler on you, dear reader).

Additionally, we all live on the internet today. And because of the way Facebook and Twitter work, if we all watch a major show like Game of Thrones, those sites are going to show you a variety of things your friends “liked” or things that they might post about the show. In that case, you need to take responsibility and not get online if you are sensitive to spoilers. I avoid my social networks if I have a show that might get “spoiled” and I can’t watch right away, because not only might my friends say something, but I follow a variety of entertainment sites. Blog posts or even a lazy headline might give away something actually important. There are internet etiquette rules regarding spoilers, but not everybody knows or follows them.  So just take the impetus upon yourself, and try to get to your show or movie as soon as you can. END OF SPOILER RANT.

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